Faculty of Education

Department of Pedagogical Sciences


Head of Department – Professor Guli  Shervashidze

Phone: 577145425, 597871569

E-mail: Gulishervashidse @ mail. ru

Research Interests:

- Education philosophy;

- Arts and human relations problems;

- Eksistentsializmi;

- Ethics, aesthetics, cultural theory;

- History of Philosophy.

History of the Department of Pedagogical Sciences begins in March 22 1936 when Batumi Teachers' Training College founded Department of Pedagogy and Psychology. Since those times, the Katedras of Pedagogy and Psychology operated jointly  and only in 1990, after the Institute transformed into the University, the Katedras split into two independent Katedras – of Pedagogy and Psychology. 

More important academic reforms in 2004, 2007 and 2012, revitalized the Department and promoted improvement of the academic and scientific research quality as well as development of the new, competitive study programs.

Educators working at the department regularly contribute to the scientific conferences, forums and calls of papers locally and internationally, they are involved in sundry of  scholarly projects; Many of the professors work on the Tempus grant projects.

Students’ Scientific Circle which functions successfully at the Department holds school and university collaboration Conferences. The Department of Pedagogical Sciences provides much to the active student life, producing a positive impact on their education and academic achievements.