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Department of Computer Sciences


Department of Computer Science


Head of Department, Professor David DEVADZE

Prof. D. Devadze served as a Deputy Rector of Shota Rustaveli State University (1997-2004);  He was Head of the Kathedra of Applied Math and Informatics1992-2005;  Has been Member of the Council of Representatives, Shota Rustaveli State University.

Scientific activities:

David Devadze (Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1988. Topic: optimality conditions and the solution of difference methods for optimal control problems for elliptic equations , an object of optimal management tasks of first-order linear differential equations for the Riemann-Hilbert and nonlocal boundary conditions and relevant tasks’ numerical methods for the solution. He developed sufficient conditions in linear situation, necessary for optimality of Riemann-Hilbert and Bitsadze-Samarsky’s first order quasi-linear boundary conditions differential equations.

Built numerical algorithms for linear optimal control task solution on the basis of  Maximum’s principle. built difference schemes of non-local boundary conditions for the linear ordinary differential operators and second-order elliptic equations using operators of the exact difference scheme. Obtained agreed assessments of the speed rate of Sobolev space solutions. Studied issues of existence and uniqueness of the generalized solution for combined non-local boundary problems. The obtained outcomes are used to solve the optimization problems of elasticity, shells, diffusion, electromagnetism and other theories. 


The Department Overview

The Department of Applied Math and Computer Sciences was established in 2006.

The history of the former Applied Mathematics and Informatics Kathedra started in January 1992, composed of Docent David Devadze, Docent Tsitsino Sarajishvili, Docent Ibrahim Didmanidze, Docent Aslan Beradze, Murman Dumbadze, Docent Zaza Davitadze, Software Engineer Zebur Suramnidze.

The Kathedra worked in several directions. It served all the Faculties of the University with the curricula in Information Technologies and Computer Basics. In addition, the team of professors developed applied directions, such as numerical methods, optimization methods, graph theory, parallel programming, local algorithms, Operation Research.

Professors of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Kathedra as well as Department of Computer Sciences have contributed significantly to the former Batumi Pedagogical Institute and later to the Batumi State University. They have served as educators and researchers and took active part in the University management. 


The Department published books:

‘Microsoft Word’ (authors D. Devadze, A. Nadareishvili).

‘PC Hardware and Software Basics’ (authors D. Devadze, T. Khinikadze, Z. Surmanidze).

Informatics. Batumi 2002 (author Z.Surmanidze).

Microsoft Windows XP- the exercises. Batumi 2003 (author Z.Surmanidze).

Microsoft Word XP- the exercises. Batumi 2003 (authors D. Devadze, Z.Surmanidze).

Microsoft Excel XP (volume of practical exercises). Batumi 2004 (authors T. Khinikadze, Z.Surmanidze).

Tests of Computing Technology and Informatics. Batumi 2005 (authors Z.Surmanidze, D. Devadze, V. Beridze).

Work in progress

The Department serves all the BSU Faculties which offer courses in information technologies in the undergraduate curricula.

The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Computer Technologies and PhD degree program in Computer Technology. The excellent infrastructure and advanced hardware and software facilitates progress of the teaching, learning and research process in this busy and vibrant environment. The Department updates the training programs, hardware and software on regular basis and tailors them to adjust to the need for continuous improvement.

Research topics:

The Department of Computer Sciences currently is focused on the research direction: algorithms and computational methods, supervised by Professor David Devadze, who currently is studying  Mathematical models and computer simulations.

The communities involved in the research department of computer science professors, doctoral, masters. Joining local and international conferences.

Algorithms for computer software designed and developed their mathematical models. Computer programs designed C ++ programming languages. Also designed Parallel synchronous and asynchronous algorithms and applications.

Professors working at the Department: 

Tengiz Khinikadze, Associate Professor (Candidate of Technical Sciences, 1989). Thesis: Champagne Continuous Production Process Automation Using Predictive Models. 05.13.07.  

Research interests:  provision of relevant mathematical and computational techniques for the processing of continuous processes and means of identification and optimal management of the standing disturbing impacts. Other studies include: 1. Continuous systems’ optimal control problem under disturbing impacts `shortened’ 'forecasts in terms of capacity utilization; 2. The process of dynamic and static characteristics for identification algorithms; 3. Management automated systems with the control and forecasting  models and their mathematical software; 4. Accident sequence interval forecasting methods; 5. Modern microprocessor techniques  for control analytical tools and systems, management systems building, development of innovative schemes of analogous digital transformers.  Prof. Khinikadze is an author and copyright holder of five inventions, which are of distinguished for significant economic effect. Prof. Khinikadze is an author of four coursebooks.  

Zebur Surminidze, Associate Professor

Research interests: Information Management, peculiarities of database management systems and SQL language, application of the research deliverables in practice. Another area of Prof. Surmanidze’s interests is environmental monitoring of Batumi port aquatorium with laser spectroscopy methods and study of the wave processes in the real environment. Prof. Surmanidze is an author of eight coursebooks.

Tsitsino Sarajishvili, Associate Professor (Candidate of Sciences in 2006. geometric tasks and work on their computer desktops - teaching methods and pedagogical experiment. 13.00.02. Teaching Methods (Engineering geometry and computer graphics). Fellowships and training in Moscow Lomonosov University in 1985-1986.  

Research interests: mathematical modeling, operations research, computational algorithms, teaching methods.

Gulad Partenadze, Associate Professor (Physics Mathematics, 2006. Topic: 1 (X, 6) class of binary relations with semigroups BX (D) Full semigroups and their mathematical model. 01.01.06. - Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory).

Research interests: programming technologies, research facilities using this technology to develop effective scheme of network algorithms and appropriate software to create projects, applicable at private companies and public institutions.