Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Care

Department of Biology


Department of Biology

Head of Department  - Professor D. BARATASHVILI 

Academic Position: Professor

Phone: 593-32-81-84; 1-02-81

E-mail: davit_baratashvili@yahoo.com

Research Interests:

Genetics, ecology, (West Georgian radioactive contamination monitoring, protection of agricultural plant species, conservation, breeding new varieties, new technologies, vegetative reproduction. 

Scientific Research Priorities of the Department: 

Bioecological and genetic study of Adjara spread variates of tangerines and other types of citruses introduced from other countries in 2011; Purpose of the study:  identification of the species which adapted to the local varieties soil and climatic conditions. 
• erythrocytic group antigens in association with various pathologies.
• urogenital pathogens sensitivity to antibiotics.
• identifying of age-associated biomarkers (erythrocytic group antigens) and chronic inflammatory mediators _ TNF-α and IL-6, IL-10 expressed of the region's longevious population.
• physiological mechanisms of the visceral and nervous systems.
• coastal Adjara’s floristic-cenotic biodiversity and plant Bioecology study of the littoral region: cultural and biological control of wild plants (genetic control).
• profile study of neonatals erythrocytes antigens, neonatal transfusiology problems.

Grant Projects
• DO / 14 6/7 -2 8 0/13-Grant Agreement №40 / 01
‘Study of common nosocomial pathogens in the separation and identification the profile of resistance to antibiotics’ – research supervisor: Assoc. Prof. L. Akhvlediani, Dr. T. Koiava -2013-2014
• TEMPUS grant project №544251-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-GE-TEMPUS-JPHES ‘Strengthening the Specific Role of Universities as LLL Institutions, SSRULLI '' (Universities, as institutions to strengthen the role of continuing education).