Faculty of Technologies

Agrotechnology & Engineering Department


Head of Department:  Associate Professor Merab Mamuladze

Phone: 555 74 11 43

E-mail: m_merabi@mail.ru

Research Interests:

Mechanization of agricultural production.

Overview of the Agrotechnology & Engineering Department

Currently there are 8 faculties working for the Departmenty: 1 full professor, 3 associate professors and 4 assistant professors, 3 adjunct instructors, who contribute to the educational and scholarly activities. 
Academic Head of Department - Associate Professor Merab Mamuladze

The department offfers the following programs:
BA degree programs:
Agronomy – program directors - Associate Professor Professor Rezo Jabnidze, Shota Lamparadze;
Agro engineering  -  program director Associate Professor Merab Mamuladze;
Food technology -  program director - Professor Aleko Kalandia.

Ph.D. degree program:
Agro ecology, plant protection - program directors - Professor  Otar Shainidze, Associate Professor Avtandil Murvanidze. 

Research topics and study priorities of the Department: agronomy, agricultural mechanization, food technology.
The Department is carrying out university-funded scientific research project: development of transforming small-scale mechanization aggregate for various types of service bodies. Project Manager - R. Margalitaze.

Recent publicaions:
1. N. Alasania. Passionflower (Passifloraincarnatae L.) morpo-genetic features in the invitro systems. BSU. Batumi, 2013. (monograph).
2. N. Lomtatidze, N. Alasania. Anthropological Ecology. BSU, Batumi, 2012. (Monograph).
3. R. Jabnidze. Subtropical Technical Cultures. Batumi 2013. (coursebook).
4. R. Ruseishvili, R. Margalitaze. Livestock Farm Mechanization. Batumi 2013.