Faculty of Technologies

Engineering and Construction Department


Head of Department: Professor Enver Khalvashi

Phone: +99 574 71 60 61

E-mail: envkhal@rambler.ru

Research Interests:

Radiophysics, high-tech telecommunication materials.

Overview of the Engineering and Construction Department

There are 15 faculties working for the Department currently: 5 full professors, 4 associate professors and 6 assistant professors. In addition to the 31 adjunct instructors, who are engaged in productive educational and scientific activities.
Academic Head of Department: Prof. Enver Khalvashi.

The Department offers the following programs:
Undergraduate educational programs:
Construction - Educational Program Director - Professor G. Partskharladze; 
Architecture - Educational Program Director - Professor G. Partskharladze;
Telecommunications - Educational Program Manager - Enver Khalvashi;
Transporti- Educational Program Director - Professor Indiko Abashidze.  
2 Masters educational programs: 
Civil and industrial construction - Educational Program Director Teimuraz Kikava;
Telecommunications - Educational Program Director - Associate Professor David Chedia;
3 Doctoral programs: 
Civil and industrial construction - Educational Program Director  Professor G. Partskhaladze. 
Research priorities:  the Department is oriented towards the study of building constructions, steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, construction materials, base-foundations, wind energy aggregation constructions, Telecommunications networks and systems, electric safety, telecommunication equipment and high-tech materials used in the functional units; Motor Vehicles and transportation, organization and efficiency of transportation, multiple ring auto-trains
Grant projects:
1 Physical and chemical mechanical deformation of construction materials and surface active environment (material deformation SAM). Shota Rustaveli National Science Fund FR / 313 / 3-104 / 12 (Contract No. 31/06) 2013-2016tsts.
2. 530278-Tempus-1-2012-DE-JPHES - iCo-op: Industrial Cooperation and Creative EngineeringEducation based on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation.
3. EU, 530244-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPCR, Modernizing higher engineering education in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to meet the technology challenge 2012-2015.
Recent publications: 
1. G. Partskhaladze, G. Chavleshvili, N. Dondoladze, M. Loria, M. Sturua.  Applied Mechanics of Fluid and Gas, Shota Rustaveli State University Press. Batumi 2013 (coursebook)
2.  G. Partskhaladze, I. Mshvenieradze.  Steel Structures,  Shota Rustaveli State University Press. Batumi 2009 (coursebook)
3. E.khalvashi,  M.Chkhartishvili, N. Chedia. Fiber Optic Systems; A  collection of lab works (coursebook), Universal Press, Tbilisi, 2013
4. T. Kikava. Soil Mechanics and Foundations, Batumi 2012. (coursebook).
5. G. Putkaradze, T. Turmanidze. Theoretical Mechanics (Kinematics). A collection of individual assignments,  Batumi 2012.
6. O. Janalidze.  Practical physics laboratory, the first part of the training methods coursebook,  Tbilisi, Universal  Press  2013.