Faculty of Technologies

History of Faculty

Faculty of Technologies

Faculty of Technology has been changing its name and structure throughout its history, now combining Faculty of Agrarian Technologies and Faculty of Ecology and Engineering Technologies.

The Engineering Studies (formerly Polytechnic University, Batumi, Georgia Technical University) opened in 1938. They administered two degree programs in the industrial and urban constructions. Since 50s, a range of the courses grew to bring about admissions of more applicants. In 1980 Batumi Faculty of the Georgian Polytechnic University transformed into the Batumi Branch of the Polytechnic Institute, which ran three Katedras: of Social Sciences, of General Technical №82 and General Technical №83.    

Government Decree № 37 of February 23, 2006, paragraph three, and Order by the Rector of Batumi Shota Rustaveli  №1-77 of June 5, 2006 reformed  the Batumi Polytechnic Institute into the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, forming two departments:  Department of Engineering and Construction and the Department of Technologies and Engineering Management. 

Decree №120 of the Academic Council July issued in 27, 2012 formed a symbiotic Faculty of  Agricultural and Engineering Technologies at the Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, joining  two former Faculties: of Agricultural Technologies and Ecology, and of Engineering Technologies. In 2013 the Academic Council of BSU changed the name of the Faculty named it ‘Faculty of Technologies’. 

Faculty of Technology administers higher education programs at all levels (bachelor's, master's, doctoral, professional) and scientific research in the engineering, and agricultural areas. The aim of the Department is to meet the modern requirements and prepare proficient and competitive future educators and researchers. Faculty of Technology has set its objective to instruct BA students oriented to modern  methods and technologies, MA students oriented to research work and teaching in higher education institutions, Ph. D. students oriented to scientific research, and train vocational education students with practical skills.

Faculty of Technologies offers the following educational programs:
1) Undergraduate educational programs:
Agrcultural Engineering
Mining and Geo-engineering 
Food technology
2) Master’s educational programs:
Agricultural Technologies
Oil and gas production, transportation and storage of equipment and technologies
Civil and industrial construction

3) Ph.D.  study programs:
Agroecology, crop protection
Civil and industrial construction

4) Vocational training and educational programs
Architect-Engineer (Graphics);
Electric machinery and Power Supply Mechanic;
Computer Engineering Graphics (AutoCad) operator;
The constructor;
Plant Protection Technician;
Oil and gas industry technician;
Food production;
Operation of telecommunications networks and systems operator.