Faculty of Tourism

Tourism Department


Department of Tourism

 Head: Associate Professor Ekaterine Bakhtadze

Department of Tourism is a major educational, academic and scientific structural unit consisting of the academic personnel and assisting staff from the tourism industry, as well as by the invited specialists. 

The academic staff of the Department is composed of 4 associate professors and 4 assistant professors.  The task force consists of the adjunct professors, professional practitioners and international experts.  


Educational Priorities:

Professional Educational Programs:

• Hotel proceedings  - 10 months (IV level, 1 national exam)

• Hotel proceedings - 10 months (III stage of secondary education)

• Restaurant proceedings - 4 months (III stage of secondary education)


The educational program - Tourism - 4 years.

The educational program (minor) - Tourism - 2 years.  


Research priorities:

• Forming of a Tourism Cluster and study of regional competitiveness;

• Advancement of effective measures for promotion Georgian tourism product in the international market;

• Development strategies and formation of ecological tourism;

• Determination of the travel company's competitiveness;

• Forming a mechanism for innovative development of tourism organizations;

• Forming an organizational and economic basis for the regional tourism development;

• Development of instrument for advancement integrated marketing communications to advance the tourism product; 

• Development of methodological background for formation and implementation of innovative tourism products; 

• Adoption of measures to improve the competitiveness of the agricultural tourism;

• Formation and implementation of wine tourism system development.



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