Institute of Phytopathology and Biodiversity

Department of Plant Diseases Monitoring, Diagnostics and Molecular Biology

        Research Profile 
  •  Monitoring of diseases of cereals (wheat, barley and maize), subtropical (citrus, tea) and other economically significant crops in different agro-ecological zones of Georgia
  •  Determining the incidence and severity of diseases and collecting samples of key diseases
  •  Identifying the causal agents of diseases by using traditional techniques
  •  Diagnosis of plant diseases by using molecular biology methods, notable polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods
  •  Study of biology, morphology, pathogenicity and cultural properties of pathogens 
  •  Study etiology and principles of development of the most harmful crop diseases
  •  Study of intra-specific diversity of pathogens by using DNA-based methods
  •  Maintaining and development of the Georgian national collection of plant pathogens 
  •  Developing control measures for plant diseases in Georgia.