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Medical Doctor

Aim of the Educational Program

The aim of the educational programme is to prepare a medical doctor oriented on professionalism, academism with thorough theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. The programme is partially integrated, includes both trans-disciplinary modules and individual study courses; is focused on the elaboration of the clinical competences, basic skills; effective management of the medical resources.  The student, from the very first year, gains basic knowledge and is involved in the research, through the problem-based and case –oriented teaching methods what eliminate the fragmentation of the knowledge and ultimately, the future physician develops independent clinical thinking. The language of instruction is English

Learning Outcomes

Medical Doctor will have a thorough and systemic knowledge of the field. Will be able to: act in an unforeseen and multidisciplinary environment; make critical assessment of complex, incomplete and contradictory data, obtain information from various sources, use full spectrum of educational and informational resources, assess own and others  attitude to the values and contribute to the establishment of new values. In addition, will have the knowledge  of the  fundamental, behavioral, social and clinical subjects, major groups of drugs and their appointment in accordance with  pathological condition and  diseases; will be able to consult patients;


Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the One-Cycle educational program (English) - Medical Doctor of the faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Care, consists of 4000$ for the students who have enrolled in 2020-2021 academic year.