Faculty of Humanities


Structure of the Faculty

Governing body of the Faculty of Humanities is the Faculty Council which is composed of  70 professors. 

Faculty Administration: Dean (Prof. M. Giorgadze), Deputy Dean (Assist. Prof. Kh. Diasamidze, S. Jijieshvili),  Quality Assurance Department (Assoc. Prof. Inga Shamilishvili). The Faculty Secretaries: (N. Beridze, L.   Beraia, M.   Kakaladze,  M. Kokhreidze).

Other constituent parts of the Faculty of Humanities are the academic and standards’ structural units: Curriculum Committee, Dissertation Council, The Ethics Committee.

The Faculty supervises several research and training centers: Center of Kartvelology (Georgian Studies) led by Prof. Mamia Paghava, Center of Translation and Interdisciplinary Studies led by Assoc. Prof. Khatuna Beridze,  Center of the World History Studies, led by Prof. Revaz Diasamidze, Training center and School of Rhetorics.

Research priorities, research projects:

The priority research areas of the Faculty are: Georgian history and development of philosophical thought (Department of Philosophy); modern and contemporary history of the South-West Georgia, the history of the Black and Mediterranean Sea Basin Countries, archaeology of the Black Sea and the Caucasus (History, Archeology and Ethnology Department); Kartvelian languages and literature research issues (Department of Georgian Philology); Russian and Slavic philology and comparative studies in philology (Linguoculturology and semiotics), Translation Theory and Practice, Multiculturalism and foreign language learning and teaching methods, the Georgian-Russian literary relations (Department of Slavic Studies); Semantic-Pragmatic studies in intercultural discourse (in the context of European languages ), Georgian-Greek Relations (Department of European Studies). Oriental and Turkish Studies and Turkish Philology (Department of Oriental Studies).