Faculty of Humanities

Department of Georgian Philology


Head of Department – Maya Baramidze

Academic Position: Associate Professor

Phone: (+99577) 46 98 85

E-mail: baramidze.maia@yahoo.fr

Research Interests:

• Old Georgian literary language

• Georgian dialectology

• Georgian lexicology

• Modern Georgian literary language issues;

Overview of the Department: 

The Georgian Philology Department of  Batumi State University is the largest unit in the Faculty of Humanities and the one with the longest standing traditions.

From its inception in 1935-36, until 1937 the Katedra of Georgian language and literature was led by the professors and educators of Tbilisi State University, who contributed immensely to the successful operation of the academic programs and processes.

The Katedra offered the following courses: Georgian history and literature, linguistics; History of World Literature, Georgian language

In 1945, due to an organizational reform, Batumi Teachers' Training College was transformed into a Pedagogical Institute. The Institute now offered four year study programs.

The Institute invited  a new generation of scientists, who had studied at Tbilisi State University and the Academy of Sciences, to become professors .

The Georgian language and literature departments were merged in 1955.

The major study areas of the Department are dialectal studies, literature, lexicology, Kartvelian languages.

BA program: