Faculty of Humanities

Department of Philosophy


Head of Department: Associate Professor Vardo Beridze

Phone: 899 92 11 24

E-mail: E-mail: VardoBeridze. @ Mail ru

Research Interests:

Philosophical anthropology; Philosophy of Science.

Overview of the Department 

The Department of Philosophy started in 1936 as a Katedra of Social Sciences  at the Teachers' Training College. This laid the foundation for the start of philosophical research  in Adjara.  Over the years, many prominent academics of the Georgian philosophical school worked for the Katedra, which really was a cornerstone for the training and education of generations of free minds  and outstanding thinkers. To do justice to the progressive thinking and constant nurturing of  free thought by many philosophers  of those times, it is necessary to remember that only followers of the soviet elite philosophy had the right to exist – those, who would philosophically justify dictatorship, the totalitarian state and arbitrary decisions.  Even under the USSR,  progressive philosophers were focused on the problems of ontology, gnoseology, axiology, philosophical anthropology, aesthetics etc.

In May 1975, the Katedra of Marxism-Leninism split into two, with a separate Katedra of Philosophy and Scientific Communism, which in  1991 changed its profile, as well as the name, to Philosophy and Political Science Katedra.  

In 1990 the Shota Rustaveli Pedagogical Institute transformed into the State University, which encouraged and promoted studies of philosophy to increase the university's academic performance and develop critical thinking skills.

In 1995-1996, the Faculty of Philosophy introduced a new program in Philosophy and started admissions to the specialty of philosophy.  It was undertaken after a series of consultations with and support by the Department of History of Philosophy at  Tbilisi State University.

In 2007, the Department of Philosophy became part of the Faculty of Humanities.

During 2006-2009 the Department developed new academic courses for undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs, e. g. Media, Philosophy, Art Philosophy, Bioethics, Postmodern Philosophy, Introduction to Modern Thought,, Life Philosophy in Georgia, Culture Theories. 

The department hosts discussions on the topics of "freedom as a moral presence of Hegel's Philosophy of Right," and “Hegel's philosophy of religion” and offers public lectures and seminars on social philosophy and social theories  by such scholars (modern classics), as professors Johannes Weiss (University of Kassel Social Sciences, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Social Theory, Germany) and A Arnold Zingerle (Professor, Department of General Sociology at the University of Bayreuth, Germany). The Department publishes a new science series ‘Philosophy, Sociology, Media Theory’, reviewed  by their  International Advisory Board (Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary).

The Department cooperates with Bochum Ruhr University. Members of the department attend international conferences and forums throughout the globe: Tehran, Heidelberg, Athens, Kiev, Minsk, Strasbourg, Lithuania etc. The department is actively involved in exchange programs.  

Department of Philosophy of the BSU offers BA program in  Philosophy.