Faculty of Humanities

Department of Slavic Studies


Head of Department:  Professor Marine Aroshidze

Phone: 877 14 10 30

E-mail: marina.aroshidze@yahoo.com

Research Interests:

- Text Linguistics and Russian philology;

- Comparative study of Slavic and Georgian philology;

- Linguoculturology and semiotics;

- Translational theory and practice;

- Multiculturalism and learning of foreign languages and teaching methods.

Overview of the Department

Started as Rusistiks in Batumi Teachers' Training College, the history of the Department dates back in 1935;  Russian language has been taught here since 1935.

In 1938 the Department of the Russian language, which over the years has been reorganized, operated independently or together with the department of Russian literature.   In 1991, the Chair as an independent entity ceased to exist, but the Chair was restored in 1996. Since 2001, the Department was led by the Prof. M. Beridze. The Department of Russian Literature and Russian language was transformed in 2005 into the Department of Slavonic Studies.

The Department successfully conducts its work on the history of Russian literature and Russian-Georgian Literary Studies. In this regard, the department is comprised of three scientific research areas: 1) Russian-Georgian and Georgian-Russian relations, literary studies; 2) of the original national specificities and peculiarities of artistic research; 3) Research of the Russian literary history.

Professors of the department actively participate in scientific symposiums and conferences.

BA programs


Russian Philology

Translation Studies

MA programs


Linguistics (joint program with the Department of Georgian Philology)