Faculty of Education

History of the Faculty


The Faculty of Education (formerly the Faculty of Pedagogy) was founded in 1991 at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Through the academic years 2004-2005 it was incorporated into the Faculty of Technical Sciences, while in 2006-2007 it became part of the Faculty of Humanities and Education. Throughout 2007-2010 the Faculty functioned independently. In 2010 the Faculties of Education, Physics and Mathematics, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Health Care converged to found a new independent unit - the Faculty of Education.

Over the years, the Faculty offered the following courses: Primary Education Pedagogy and Methodologies, Elementary education and Foreign languages, Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology, Philosophy, Basic Military Training and Physical Education.

Since 16 September 2013 the Faculty of Education advances academic and scholarly path independently, administering the Centre of Languages and Information Technologies, the Centre of Teachers’ Lifelong Mastering and Professional Development and the Centre of Pre-admission Training.

Educational Programs

1. Elementary Education - BA degree program (Program Director Associate Professor Nana Makaradze);  

2. Teacher Training 60 ECTS degree program (Program Director Professor Lela Tavdgiridze);  

3. Education Administration – MA degree program (Program Director Associate Professor Nana Makaradze);   

4. Elementary and Secondary School Teacher’s Education (of one or multiple subjects)  -  MA degree Program (Program Director  Professor Lela Tavdgiridze);

5. Higher Education Management – MA degree Program (Program Directors Professor Lela Tavdgiridze  and Associate Professor Lela Turmanidze);

6. Education – Ph.D. degree Program - (Program Directors Professors Lela Tavdgiridze and Guli Shervashidze).     

Research Priorities: 

Major academic and scholarly interests of the professors are concentrated on such areas of studies as the theory and history of pedagogy, social pedagogy, inclusive education, educational management, educational philosophy, a variety of teaching methods.  

Grant Projects: 

1.      ‘Access to Society for People with Individual Requirements’ (ASPIRE), N530345-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-GE-TEMPUS-JPHES – Assoc. Prof. Nana Makaradze;

2.      ‘Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Compete tiveness’ (HESDeSPI) 159338-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-LV-TEMPUS-SMHES – Prof. Lela Tavdgiridze; 

3.      ‘Master in Higher Education Management: Developing Leaders for Managing Educational Transformation’, 530311-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-TEMPUSA- JPCR – Prof. Lela Tavdgiridze and Prof. Guli Shervashidze. 

The Faculty pursues cooperation with the pre-school education centres. Currently the faculty administers a short-term educational program:'The pre-school education sector development'.

The Faculty continues to set the highest standard for the creation and dissemination of knowledge though the educational programs  for all three levels: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies:


BA program


Elementary Education


MA program


Educational Administration

Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Education (of one or multiple subjects)

Management of Higher Education


Ph.D. Program




These programs (except physical education bachelor study program) successfully passed national accreditation in 2011-2013. At present, the Faculty is developing innovative Special Teacher Training curriculum for postgraduate studies..