Scientific Priorities

Research Priorities

• Survey of diseases of significant crops: Annual disease surveys of crop fields and plantations; determining disease incidence and severity, sampling;

• Diagnostics of crop diseases: Registration of samples, isolation of pathogens from disease samples, identification and authentification of fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens by classical methods;

• Population genetics: Study of pathogenicity and virulence of major crop pathogens; identification of virulence structures of wheat rusts, cereal powdery mildews, etc.; measurement of changes in virulence of populations; providing highly cost effective opportunity to determine the risk presented by pathogen races;

• Immunological assessment: Evaluating cereal germplasm for different diseases under natural and artificial infection by using field and glasshouse studies. Identification of new sources of resistance for recommendation in breeding programs;

• Molecular Biology: Introducing and using new molecular biology methods for improved plant diseases diagnosis and screening of virulence markers and assessment of the genetic diversity of pathogens;

• National Collection of Plant Pathogens: The collection includes the panel of plant pathogens, mainly fungi important both nationally and regionally;

• Risk assessment: Phytosanitary risk analysis for quarantine pests, its diagnostics and management; Developing control strategies of diseases.

• Biodiversity monitoring and conservation.