Quality Assurance Service


To reach Higher education goals, the State  guarantees "establishment and operation of quality assurance systems, accreditation system for higher education institutions and quality assurance services” (Georgian Law "On Higher Education", Article 3, paragraph 2 d) 

Academic activities and research work  of the Institutions of higher education as well as the quality of the  professional development of their faculties shall be subject of systematic evaluation, with the participation of students in the institution, and the results shall be public and available to all interested individuals. (Georgian Law "On Higher Education", Article 25, paragraph 1) 

Quality Assurance Department is established with the purpose of systematic evaluation of the academic activities and research work in the Higher education institutions, as well as the quality of professional development of their faculties, which operates in accordance with the regulations of the higher education institution. (Georgian Law "On Higher Education", Article 25, paragraph 2)