Institute of Phytopathology and Biodiversity

Development Strategy


Development Strategy

Scientific Direction of Phythopathology and Biodiversity is functioning in accordance with ShotaRustaveli State University Scientific Centre Strategic Plan, the aim of which is:
• Assist scientific-research-technical progress
• Work out and implement new technologies
• Develop international scientific collaboration
• Assist the University with scientific staff preparation
• Other supporting work for conducting scientific experiments
Phythopathology and Biodiversity Scientific Direction aims to:

  • Carry out fundamental and applied research , contribute to formation of the national agricultural strategy and meet the requirements of stakeholders( Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment Protection, farmers, breeders, international institutes, lay the foundation for improvement of disease control using ecologically safe methods(resistance breeding, biological methods. Molecular biology etc.), contribute to the bio-security of the country and region;
  • Participate in direction of biodiversity conservation and sustainable application, implying from the priorities and problems of conservative biology, which is one of the most important modern fields;
  • Maintain position in agricultural sciences in Georgia and continue working on disease survey, assessment of plant pathogens of the breeding material and identification of plant pathogens,
  • Continue biodiversity studies of the endemic and introduced flora for future protection, conservation and sustainability of the species;
  • Realize the genetic studies and breeding of the endemic and introduced orchard trees of Georgia with the aim of conservation of their genofunds, selection and future application of the best varieties;
  • Guarantee exchange of knowledge and experience with universities and scientific institutes through collaboration and partnership;
  • Facilitate formation and expanding of the public knowledge through effective communication with scientists and different organizations;
  • Create the database and develop collaboration network;
  • Coming from the biodiversity conservation and Agricultural crop protection global problems, will collaborate with international scientific organizations, centers, and their conventions: SYMMIT, ICARDA, FAO, ISTC, WWF, IUCN, BGCI, CBD etc.
  • Create systemic collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment Protection and their Departments, Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara, Environment Protection and Tourism Departments;
  • Continue active participation in Agricultural Projects of USAID/EPI;
  • Continue collaboration with the Institutes and Universities of Georgia.