Faculty of Humanities

Quality Assurance Service


Head of Quality Assurance Service - Professor Asie Tsintsadze, (QAS) at BSU

Phone: +99593) 34 41 55

E-mail: E-mail: asinsaze @ rambler.ru

Research Interests:

Financial, insurance, monetary sector


The internationalization of higher education and the promotion of quality assurance comparability (PICQA); Participant of the seminars in Alicante, pain, and Yerevan, Armenia

Internships, Training:

 1.English Language Courses, Grant project sponsored by the University of Texas.

 2.Tallinn university-learning and assessment workshops.  

 3. Higher educational school in the course of teaching / learning methods - BSU, Faculty of Education.

 4.Integrated project management trainer - BSU's Business School and the German GTZ project conducted training.