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Leila Akhvlediani  - Associate Professor, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

Tel.: 593537072

Email: lelabasa@gmail.com


PHD – in Biology, Immunology, 2006

Thesis: Chorionic gonadotropin and immunocompetent cells participation in Uterus and ovarian cancer pathogenesis.

MA in Biology and Chemistry, 27/12/1996

Research interests:  Immunology, Microbiology, Laboratory Diagnosis. 


I. 1997-2000. Tbilisi State University Regional Training Center for Immunology (CRITC)


ERASMUS MUNDUS EXSTERNAL COOPERATIONT WINDOW FOR GEORGIA, ARMENIA AZERBAIJAN "Draft Lot 5, the project of Thessaloniki (Greece) papahiorhius Hospital immunological laboratory. Research and Training in diagnostic methods. Greece.

Training Distance Education - "e-learning facilities in Georgia - how to modernize the education system free resources." Latvia, Riga.

Quality Management Training: Workshop in Quality Assurance for Higher Education Degrees. Batumi.

Continuing medical education training-second International Congress of Respiratory Society. Batumi,  12 ECTS.

Training Distance Education: "Cooperation and Exchanging Best Practices in the Fields of Innovation and E-Learning in the Higher Education of Estonia and Georgia". Tallin, Tartu, Estonia. "Open society Estonia". Estonia, Tallinn, Tartu.

Training for Distance Education: "Introduction to e-learning methods and technology". Tallinn University-Batumi.

"Batumi Summer school education administration", 5 ECTS

Training for Distance Education: "Some practical aspects of use e-learning methods". Tallinn University-Batumi.

Training program: "critical and creative thinking, their incorporated in the syllabus". Akhaltsikhe.

Training program: "Microteaching".

Tallinn University-Batumi.

English language course. Upper Intermediate - B2 level. BSU training center.

Seminar: "The science of training-lab equipment modernization". Tbilisi.

Training: "international, practice-oriented program development." "International Practice Oriented Curricula Development", Allen, Germany.

Training: "Intellectual Property Rights Management Biologist-scientists in Georgia", Intellectual Property (IP) Tights Management for Biological Scientists in Georgia. Tbilisi.

Training: "diseases of the immune system caused by damage to new approaches to treatment." "New treatments for diseases resulting from a malfunctioning immune system". Tbilisi.


1997 EU TEMPUS / TACIS "Development and Restructuring of Higher Education in Immunology in Georgia ". Information unit.

2001-2003 EU TEMPUS / TACIS "Creation of the education of the regional universities for the development of biomedical education in Georgia". Information unit.


EU INTAS Research Grant: "B chronic lymphoid leukemia immunotherapy" key personnel, Scientist

2008-2010 National Science Foundation GNSF / STO8 / 6-470 erythrocytic (ABO, Rh-Hr, Kell, MN) The prevalence of the antigens and their use in practical medicine in Adjara and Guria population and ethnic anthropology of key personnel


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Akhvlediani L. article, a peer-reviewed journal Prevalence of Micoplasma Hominis and Upeaplasma Urealiticum in pregnant women and women with reproductive problems.

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The International Congress on Oncological Perspectives of Fertility Preservation: Gynecological and Breast Cancer Changes in peripherial blood lymphocytes subsets in patients with reproductive system tumors Berlin, Germany http://www.comtecmed.com/OPFP/2013/Uploads/Editor/Chikadze%20NG.pdf

5-8 October, 2012 Hard-to-define blood groups. IgM, IgG and IgA level in pulmonary tuberculosis patient VII Georgian congress of Allergology and Immunology, V International Congress "Health and Drugs", Batumi, Georgia

27-29 August, 2012 Immunosensibilisation in pregnant women caused by erythrocyte antigens Second International Conference "From Maturity to Ageing Batumi, Georgia

7-9 May, 2010 CMV IgG avidity Measurement as tool for Identifying primary and non-primary CMV infection International Conference and Exhibition, Batumi, Georgia

4-7 November, 2010 Antibodies against hCG in patients with gynecological tumors 13th World congress on controversies in obstetrics, gynecology and Infertility (COGI) Held jointly with The German society of obstetrics and gynecology Berlin, Germany www.comtecmed.com/cogi/berlin


Knowledge of foreign languages

1 Russian – B2

2 English –  B2  

3 German – B1

Computer skills: Microsoft Office:

1 PowerPoint;

2 Photoshop

3 Word, Excel