Faculty of Humanities

Department of European Studies

Name and Surname: Tamar Siradze
Academic Position: Professor

Department of European Studies (languages and culture) (16.09.2013. - 16.09.2019).

Director of the American Studies Center at Faculty of Humanities, BSU

Phone: 599 36 36 30

E-mail: tamar_siradze@yahoo.com

Research interests:  English literature, American literature, translation of the Bible and criticism of Western European literature, Linguistics. 

Overview of the Department

Training teachers in the instruction of  foreign languages and literatures since 1935, the Katedras of English, French and German Philology, as well as Neo-Greek Studies merged into the Department of Europeistics in 2006;  the rich experience and mastery of teaching and researching have been trademarks of the Department, headed by Prof. Irine Goshkheteliani. Currently the Department offers four areas of BA study: Anglistics (program director Prof. I. Goshkheteliani), German Studies (program director Prof. N. Stambolishvili), Roman Studies (program director Prof. N. Surguladze) and New Greek Studies (program director Prof. M. Giorgadze).

The Department of Europeistics offers the following BA programs


English Philology

French Philology

German Philology

The Department of  Europeistics offers the MA program in Europeistics  (Program directors Prof. M. Giorgadze and Associate Professor Nino Dvalidze) which consists of five modules:

English  Philology (Module directors Prof. I. Goshkheteliani, Associate Professor Nino Dvalidze)

French Philology (Module director Professor N. Surguladze, Associate Professor V. Diasamidze)

German Philology (Module director Professor N. Stambolishvili, Associate Professor A. Abuseridze)

Translation Studies; (Module director Associate Professor Khatuna Beridze)

Anglo-American Literatures (Module director Prof. Tamar Siradze) 

The Department of European Studies participates in the administration of PHD program in Linguistics  The program prepares academic doctors of philology in linguistics in the following directions: I. Kartvelian Linguistics; II. Translation Studies; III. Russian Philology; IV. English Philology; V. French Philology; VI. German Philology; VII. Theoretical Linguistics.