Faculty of Humanities

Department of History, Archaeology and Ethnology


Head of Department - Professor Jemal Karalidze 

Academic Position: Associate Professor

Phone: (+99599) 11 93 35

E-mail: karalidzejemal@yahoo.com

Research Interests:

history of Georgia and the Caucasian nations, geopolitics. 

The Department of History is deeply committed to undergraduate and graduate education with the objective to train and educate highly competitive professionals. The Department takes an active  stance in social, educational and state affairs, and gives the best guidance to the students for understanding their roles as members of the civil society.    

The curricula  and the courses cover all aspects of human history, from ancient to contemporary societies.   

Courses explore various methodologies, a wide range of ways of writing history, and different approaches to the past. We emphasize no one approach to history and no single interpretive model. Our goals in the undergraduate classroom are to develop the intellectual breadth and deepen the analytical skills of our students.

Having rich traditions and experience of academic and research operations, the Department was a home of many outstanding scientists, who left a unique heritage of works in the volumes: ‘History of Adjara’ which was  groundbreaking in the study of South-Western Georgia’s history. The approach of the Soviet government to the study of history emphasized limiting research. Therefore, the principal goal of the post-soviet educators is to improve the teaching of the multi-centurial history of Georgia. 

The Department offers BA, MA and Doctoral studies curricula in history and archeology, as well as BA and minor programs in history and Turkish Studies. 

BA programs



Turkish Studies

MA programs




Archaeology of the Black Sea Area and the Caucasus