Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Care

Dean of Faculty


Name Marina

Surname  Koridze

Address:   №56, b. 1 M. Abashidze avenue, Batumi  

Tel. : +955 50 22 00

E-mail: koridzemarina@gmail.com


Research interests: Genetics, Gerontology

 University position (the position of the appointment / election) Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Health


 Scientific degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences

Qualification / degree date: 24.11.05

 Education direction, field: Biology, Genetics 03.00.15 Diploma # 004963

Work Experience:

 1992 -2006 sec. Shota Rustaveli State University Teachers (staff)

  2006 - 2011 BC. Shota Rustaveli State University - Associate Professor

  2006-2010 BC. Shota Rustaveli State University - Head of the Department of Biology

  2010. 28 10. - Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education and 04.03 2011

  2011- 2013 BC. Dean of the Faculty of Education and

  2013. 31.10 - present Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health.


Recent papers:

1.      Koridze M, Khukhunaishvili R, Nagervadze M, Zosidze N, Koiava T, Parulava I. Study of some biogerontological factors associated with women longevity in ajara population. Georgian Med News. 2012 Jul;(208-209):63-6.

2.      Tskvitinidze, S., Khukhunaishvili, R., Vacharadze, K., Nagervadze, M., Akhvlediani, L. and Koridze, M. Distribution of red blood cell antigens in drug-resistant and drug-sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis. African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 11(104), pp. 16809-16813, 27 December, 2012. DOI: 10.5897/AJB12.823. ISSN 1684-5315 © 2012 Academic Journals .

3.       S. Tskvitinidze, L. Akhvlediani, R. Khukhunaishvili, M. Koridze, M. Nagervadze. IgM, IgG and IgA level in pulmonary tuberculosis. Alergology and immunology. T. 13 №3. 249-251. 2012

4.       M. Nagervadze*, A. Diasamidze, L. Akhvlediani, G. Dumbadze, R. Khukhunaishvili, M. Koridze and S. Tckvitinidze. Distribution of ABO and Rh-Hr blood group antigens, alleles and haplotypes in the mountain region of Ajara (Georgia). African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 10(38), pp. 7324-7329, 25 July, 2011.

5.      M. Nagervadze, A. Diasamidze, R. Khukhunaishvili, L. Akhvlediani, G. Dumbadze, S. Tskvitinidze, M. Koridze Composition of erythrocytic (ABO, Rh-Hr, Kell, Mn) group antigens characteristic of the population of Guria (by the example of Ozurgeti district’s population). J. Georgian Medical news. 11 (188).

6.       K Dolidze, N. Turmanidze, M. Koridze. - For Studying Questions Of Hybridization In Plant Of Tea (Thea Sinensis L.)- The 1st International Symposium on Environment And Forestry 4-6 November 2010- Trabzon/Turkey, Volume 3

7.      Koridze M, Khukhunaishvili R, Zosidze N,Akhvlediani L, Nagevadze M, Koiava T, Parulava I. Tskvitinidze S. Demographic picture of long-livers the mountain region of Ajara (Georgia, Caucasus) Aging clinical and experimental research Official Journal of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics. vol. 23, suppl. to No.1 pp. 186 ISSN: 1594-0667 . 2011. Italia.

8.      Diasamidze A., Dolidze K., Koridze M., Turmanidze N. About the evolution meaning of mechanisms and poly embryo of a strong spontaneous mutation genesis in citrus. International scientific conference “Problems of subtropical agriculture and processing industry” dedicated to 80TH anniversary of foundation the institute. // Subtropikal crops 1-4 (261-264), 2010. (ISSN 0207 9224).

9.      T.Lezhava,1 J. Monaselidze,2 T. Jokhadze,1 N. Kakauridze,3 N. Khodeli,1 M. Rogava,3 T.Bocho-rishvili,3 M. Gorgoshidze,2 D. Khachidze,2 E. Lomidze2 J.Tkemaladze,5 K. Chichinadze,6 M.Koridze,4 R.Khukhuneishvili,4 N.Zosidze,4 M. Nagevadze4 T.Buadze,1,M.Gaiozishvili 1 - Gerontology research in Georgia.. Volume 12, Issue 2, pp 87–91. Published online: Published online 2010 May. ISSN: 1573-6768  (electronic version) ISSN:  1389-5729  (print version).  Biogerontology. Springer.   

10.   Diasamidze A., Dolidze K., Koridze M. Law Conformity of Spontaneous – Mutational Processes in Subtropical Cultures and Their Function in Producing Culti-Genetic Genofund. Materials of Internationnal Conference & Exhibition. Batumi, Georgia. May 7-9. p. 24. 2010.

11.   Koridze, M,. Khukhunaishvili R, Dolidze K, Jakeli E - Features of Spontaneous and Induced Mutants of Citrus Nobilis Kovano Vasse. Proceedings of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. 2009. vol. 7.n.1-2. pp. 35-39

12.   M. Nagervadze, A. Diasamidze, Khukhunaishvili R, M. Koridze, G. Dumbadze, L. Akhvlediani, - Characteristics of the frequency distribution of some immunogenic markers in the population of the mountain region (Khulo) of Ajara. Bullettin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. 2009. v.33, N 2

13.  M. Koridze , R, Khukhunaishvili, Farulava I, - Coefficient of Metilation as a Probable Genetic Marker of Aging. Collection of Works of the Medical Students and Doctors of The Black Sea Region. 2009.  

14.  M. Koridze, R. Khukhunaishvili, N.Zhorzholiani, I. Charkviani - Biogerontological Factors Associated with Longevity. Collection of Works of the Medical Students and Doctors of The Black Sea Region.2009. pp. 36-40.


Recent Conferences:

 1. Second internacional Conference ,,From Maturity to Ageing’’ Batumi, 27-29 August 2012 ,,Georgia Factor Associates with Women Longevity Adjara Population’’

 2. International-Scince Conference Compiuting,Ediucation. Scinces Batumi 2012

 3. VII EUROPEAN CONGRESS Healthy and Active Ageing For Europeans. 2011 ,,Demographic picture of long-livers the mountain region of Ajara (Georgia, Caucasus)’’   14-17 April.    Bologna, Italy

 4. 1st international Turkey and Japan. Environment and forestry symposium. 04-06 November. 2010 (Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon – Turkey). For studing question of hybridization in plant of tea (Thea sinensis L.). Trabzon – Turkey.

 5.  2nd International Cogress of the Ceorgian Respiratory Association, Batumi, Ceorgia, june 10-12, 2010. Certificate 867. Credit 12

7. International Conference And Exhibition – Batumi-Spring-2010, Georgia,7-9 May-EACCME-UEMS CME Credits:7

 8. Some Bio-gerontological Peculiarities of Long-livers in Ajara Region of Georgia.19thIAGG word congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 2009 5-9 July. Paris. France

 9. Distribution of Eritrocyte Group Antigens (ABO, Rh-Hr,R,MN) in Long-livers of Adjara Region (Georgia,Caucasus) . 6th European Congress of Biogerontology Ageing and individual life history. 2008 30 November-3 December. The Netherlands

 10. The study of gerontologic issues on the example of Adjara Rregion population. . The 5thinternational Symposium on Genetics of Aging is dedicated to the 90 th Anniversity of Tbillisi State University .2008

 11. The Biological Diversity of Adjara (South Colchic)- International Coference. Batumi. 5-7 June, 2008


Internships, trainings:

10 ECTS program - active learning and critical thinking - 4 credits. 2010. Certificate RWT / 00147.

Summer school ‘Education Administration’, Batumi - 5 ECTS, 2011. USAID Education Project Management certificate.

Teaching / learning and assessment methods in the Higher Education -2 ECTS. 2012.

Expert’s skills development in evaluation of school directprs. 2012. USAID Education   Project Management certificate.

Eco-tourism infrastructure development training- 14-18. 09. 2012

5th International Training Programe in GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS - CERTIFICETE International Institute on Ageing, United Nations - Malta (INIA) 2014

Pre-Service Medical Educaition Reform '' USAID SUSTAIN Project. 7-9 August, 2014


  • State University, Tempus grant project No. 530345-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-GE-TEMPUS-JPHES. The individual needs of people into the community. (Access to Inclusive Education and Social Integration (ASPIRE). 2012-2015

  • Grant Agreement N. 2012-2740 / 001-001-EMA2. Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project EUROEAST. 2012-2016

  • The National Science Foundation GNSF / STO8 / 6-470 Erythrocytic (ABO, Rh-Hr, Kell, MN Ss) The prevalence of the antigens and their use in practical medicine in Adjara and Guria population and ethnic anthropology. 2009-2010.

  • The National Science Foundation GNSF / STO8 / 6-470. Decondensation of Telomeric heterochromatin as atherosclerosis barrier, 2008.

Membership / Affiliation

International Professional Association of Gerontology and geriatry (IAGG) Member

Board Member of Georgian Society of Gerontology.

Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian, English.

Computer skills

Word, Internet Explorer, Adoble Ohotoshop, Outlook Explorer, PowerPoint, Microsovt Excel.