Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Care

Department of Chemistry


Department of Chemistry

Head of Department - Assoc. Prof. Maya VANIDZE

Name and SurnameMaya Vanidze
Academic Position: Associate Professor

Phone: 22 899 1823; 877179728

E-mail: vanidzemaia@gmail.com

Research Interests:

Chemical research of biologically active compounds in the local and introduced plants; development of technologies for their production and application in functional products

Research Priorities of the Department

• Study of physiologically active compounds of biological materials;
• Membrane technology: theoretical aspects and practical application; Natural and industrial waters; Kinetic and catalytic processes.
• The new complex in an ecologically clean, waste-free, non-reagent technology development and its institutionalization;
• Waste disposal - recycling the food supply (food fibers);
• Dispersion systems: sustainability, cleaning and electric capillary phenomena; The new plant sorbents and study of their characteristics;
• Synthesis and investigation of new coordinated compounds with biometals.

Grant Projects

• 1. AP / 96/13 – ‘West Georgia Regional Chromatographic Center’. Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Project supervisor: Prof. Aleko Kalandia. 2013-2014.
• 2. DO / 124 / 6-470 / 13 – ‘Stevia biologically active substances and their variability in the manufacturing process’. Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Project supervisor Professor Aleko Kalandia (supervisor).
• 3. SC / 26 / 10-150 / 12 – ‘Research with High School Students Participation’: ‘Quality Control of Honey’. The National Science Foundation grant project. Research supervisor - Assoc. Prof. Maya Vanidze.
The Department presented to the Foundation total 6 grants. The Department professors have obtained 2 patents.