Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Care

Department of Dentistry

The history of teaching dentistry at Batum Shota Rustaveli State University dates back to 1998; in 2004 a Katedra was set up, which in 2006 rebranded into a Department of Dentistry. Professor V. Chantladze has been heading the Department since 1998.

A team of experienced fellows, educators, professors and practitioners is composed of T. Chikobava, S. Chkhaidze, A. Beridze, G. Diasamidze, L. Maghlakelidze, L. Urushadze, J. Makaradze, N. Nasaria.

Since 2009, RSU-accredited residency programs in therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry.

Since 2003, seven of the graduates was held prior to release.

Department staff actively engaged in scientific work. In the last ten years, prepared and published more than one hundred scientific papers, including one guide.

The Department has developed Surgical and Orthopedic Studies, led by Prof. V. Chantladze and Therapeutic and Pediatric Dentistry, led by Associate Professor M. Bakradze.

The courses in Dentistry are taught by a visiting professor N. Shonia, Associate Professor at Tbilisi State Medical University.

Currently, there are twenty-six adjunct professors working at the Department.  

The Department of Dentistry currently offers the undergraduate degree program in Dentistry, The Therapeutic and Orthopedic Dentistry Residency degree programs were accredited in 2009.

Since 2013 Batumi Shota Rustaveli University has seven generations of alumni.

The professors of Dentistry have been involved in various research projects during the past decade and have authored over hundred of scholarly articles, which gave basis to a published volume: A Coursebook in Dentistry.