Faculty of Economics and Business

Department of Technologies and Engineering Management


Head of Department: Professor Zurab Megrelishvili

Phone: 893 305 974

E-mail: z.megrelishvili@inbox.ru

Research Interests:

Sewerage, water supply, water resources management.

Overview of the Department of Technologies and Engineering Management

There are 15 faculties working for the Department currently: 2 full professors, 3 associate professors and 2 assistant professors, 9 adjunct instructors, who contribute to the educational and scholarly activities. 
Academic Head of Department: Prof. Zurab Megrelishvili;

offers the following educational programs:
1. Bachelor's Degree Program:
Mining and Geo-engineering – program director Associate Professor Eter Nizharadze;

2. MA Degree program:
Oil and Gas Production, Transportation and Storage Techniques and Technologies -   program director Associate Professor Eter Nizharadze.

Department research priorities: oil and gas technologies,  oil extraction and processing techniques and technology, water supply, sewerage, water resources management, waste-free technologies.

Recent publications: 
1. E. Nizharadze, N. Mamulaishvili.  Oil and Gas Chemistry.  Coursebook, Batumi, 2011.240 p; publisher@bsu.edu.ge .
2. E. Nizharadze, D. Chkhaidze, Z. Megrelishvili, Oil Chemistry Practice.  Batumi, 2013, 172 pp; publisher@bsu.edu.ge
3. Э. Нижарадзе - «Проблемафальсификации цитрусовых соков и методы её обнаружения», Монография, Батуми, 2011, 142с;
4. Nana Dondoladze, Z. Megrelishvili, G. Partskhaladze, Nino Dondoladze. Oil and Gas Pipelines Construction  Organization and Planning. Methodical instructions on course paper, qualification, bachelor's and master's thesis. Tbilisi, 2013, 165 pp. ISBN 978-9941-0-5724-3, dspace.nplg.gov.ge.
5. Zurab Megrelishvili, Nino Dondoladze, Constantine Megrelishvili, Nana Dondoladze. Vertical Steel Reservoirs Technological Device (with an interactive reservoir program. Disc). Shota Rustaveli State University, 2011, 127 p. ISBN 978-9941-412-73-8. 
6. D. Chkhaidze, M. Loria  Measurement Methods Developed by the American Society (ASTM) Review of Some Standard Analysis ", the second part. Training Methods of Oil and Gas Studies. Batumi. 2011;

Department funded by the grants:
1. The International Science and Technology Center project - ISTC G-725; 2004-08 period. Research Director: D. Chkhaidze; Manager: Z. Megrelishvili.
2. 516613 – TEMPUS – 1-2011-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPHES, Building capacity for University-Enterprise partnerships towards competency based training in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraina. 2011-2014;
3. 2. EU, 530244-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPCR, Modernizing higher engineering education in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to meet the technology challenge 2012-2015.