Faculty of Economics and Business

Department of Physics


Head of Department: Associate Professor Lali Kalandadze

Phone: +995 97 81 50 60; +995 93 30 06 66

E-mail: lali62@mail.ru; lali_kalandadze@posta.ge

Research Interests:

Physics of magnetic phenomena;

Ultrafine magnetic structures;

Overview of the Department 

The Department of Physics was headed by Prof. Nugzar Ghomidze through 2006-2013 and has been headed by Associate Professor Lali Kalandadze since 2013. The Department employs 2 professors, 3 associate professors and 1 assistant professor, and offers the following degree programs: 

·         Fundamental Physics program

·         Applied Physics and Radiophysics Studies program


Current research project "optically dense, random phase screen and scattered laser radiation intensity correlation function of fluorescent quantitative characteristics of the statistical moments of spectral analysis" was awarded grant (FR / 152 / 9-240 / 14) of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation's in 2014 and is supervised by Professor Nugzar Ghomidze.