Faculty of Economics and Business



Faculty of Economics and Business combines educational programs at three educational levels. BA programs offer study of finances, management, accounting and tax business, marketing and economics education.

Graduate School MA programs offer programs such as finances and banking, business administration, economics;

Doctoral studies admit students to the following programs: finances, money circulation and credit, business administration and economics.

The programs are coordinated and administered by the three departments

 Department of Business  Administration

 Department of Finaces, Accounting and Audit

 Department of Economics.

The educational programs are administered and implemented by 6 professors, 13 associate professors, 9 assistant professor and 32 invited specialists. The Quality Assurance Department supports and monitors overall effective performance of the Faculty.  

 1.     The Faculty is governed by:

Faculty Council, Dean, Faculty of Quality Assurance.

2.The Faculty consists of the following academic and support structural units:

A) Department of Economics;

B) Department of Business Administration;

C) Department of Finances, Accounting and Auditing;

D) Vocational training school of accountants;

E) Dissertation Board;

F) Curriculum Committee;

G) Ethics Committee;

3. The faculty can set up various committees and working groups to study certain issues and / or resolution.