Faculty of Economics and Business

Department of Finances, Accounting and Audit


Head of Department: Associate Professor Giorgi Abuselidze

Phone: (+995) 571 09 09 00

E-mail: abuselize@gmail.com

Research Interests:

Financial Economics, tax and budget system and peculiarities of formation and functioning of improving trends.

Overview of the Department

The Department of Finances, Accounting and A uditing cooperates with state and non-governmental institutions and national and international universities.

The Department offers BA, MA and PHD programs.

The graduates are employed in the country's commercial banks, insurance companies, finance and agriculture ministries, various enterprises. The high employability indicates competitiveness of the new market-oriented training programs.

Talented young people have opportunity of applying and studying for the PHD diploma.  

The Department offers doctoral program Finances, Money Circulation and Credits.

Currently there are 15 doctoral candidates at the Department engaged in research activities.