Faculty of Law

Department of Membrane Technology

The Department of Membrane Technologies is equipped with experimental laboratories, pilot membrane and sorption machines, best quality equipment for chemical and microbiological analysis as a decent knowledge base for future practice-oriented specialists (Masters and PhD) training.

Research accomplishments of the Department:

 Processed citrus fruit and grape juice concentrates to a high content of complex method of making;

Developed individual (Family) consumption drinking water filtering equipment;

Developed filtering devices to treat and produce biologically pure high quality water for collective water consumption, which can be used in city parks, public places, schools, gardens, etc.;

Developed and introduced new methods for determining the parameters of electro-functional systems;

The solution has been designed automatic control system to direct the flow regime of reverse electric dialysis devices;

Grant projects:

- International Research Center Grant:

- ISTC / G-1302 ,, Разработка технологического процесса получения нового вида калийсодержащих удобрений, создание и испытание экспериментальной установки ". (Dir. - Raul Gotsiridze, Manager - Gizo Lanchava);  (Development of technological process of producing a new type of potassium-based fertilizers, creation and testing of the experimental setup)

- CNSF / STO 7/7 -250 – ‘Technology development for  electric dialysis treatment of waste water, containing ions of heavy metals, mainly copper; Formulation of recommendations and rendering primary data  for projection / engineering electric dialysis devices’.

Research Director R. Gotsiridze,  Manager Lamzira Kontselidze.

-          09 GNSF / STO8 / 5-439 – ‘Fruit processing with non-waste technology to create environmentally friendly complex’.  

-          Scientific Director: Irina Bezhanidze; Manager Tina Kharebava.