Faculty of Law

Department of Agricultural Raw Materials Production and Processing Technology

 Department of Agricultural Raw Materials Production and Processing Technology works to develop new energy saving rational and non-waste technology for agricultural raw material processing. The goal of the research and development is to achieve processing of citrus, subtropical persimmon, kiwi, blueberry, cherry laurel, tea, chicory in order to produce non-polluting, high nutritional value organic products natural concentrates, juices, nectar, biologically active additives, granulated tea, tea concentrate etc.

Another research priority is the tea-cultivating sector and development of technologies and processes for the production of new products for tea, which is "Ready Tea" (RTD ready-to-drink tea) as a beneficial beverage for human health. 

Research priorities:

The Department carries out research to develop technology for producing wide range of wine types from the Adjarian aboriginal and introduced vine species.

Development of test samples of white, red and pink, medium sweet and sparkling wines from unique varieties of Adjarian vine species and study of their biochemical, physical, chemical and organoleptic indicators.  

Study of bioactive compounds in Chicory and Jerusalem artichokes grown in the subtropical zone of Adjara and development of the technology for their effective use;

Development of General and prophylactic baby food production technologies;

Development of  Polyfunctional purpose food production technology from raw materials grown in the subtropical zone.