Faculty of Law

Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food Product Safety

Since 2000, the Department conducted more than 10 different funded research projects, mostly focusing agriculture and processing industries and development of solutions.

The Department has built advanced biotech laboratory for virus-free planting material multiplication projects and equip a smaller adjacent technological laboratory. Relevant to the research directions and priorities, the Department acquired high pressure liquid chromatograph to identify and analyze organic acids, many vitamins, alkaloids, phenolic compounds.  

Research Priorities:

Chemical, physical, physico-chemical and microbiological analysis of the aboriginal and introduced vegetables and food products to find biologically active materials; Qualitative and quantitative analysis and the findings; 

Production of biologically active additives from subtropical persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.); Study of its biochemical properties;

Production of low-calorie sweetener and the use of product;  

Common subtropical and continental fruit plants (citrus, kiwi, feijoa, berries etc.) in West Georgia – preservation/storage and chemical transformations, determining of optimum preservation storage conditions.  

Technology development for the in vitro production of virus-free planting and grafting material obtained from agricultural crops of high economic value;

Optimization of microclonal propagation conditions for the high economic value plants;

Maintenance and enrichment of in vitro bank with new varieties of seed potato.